saima noorLahore: Well known actress Saima Noor has said that taking rest at home is better than working in stage dramas. She has said that if the seniors of film industry compromise, our film industry will be getting progress. Saima is a Pakistani film actress from Multan who appears in Urdu and Punjabi films. Saima Noor is the wife of a famous Pakistani director Syed Noor.

Syed Noor was first romantically linked to the Pakistani film actress Saima in the late nineties. Saima Noor was born in May 5, 1971. Actress Saima was nominated for the Lux Style Awards. She is famous for her dancing and acting and she got a lot of fans.

Saima’s husband Syed Noor is the famous director of Pakistan. Syed achieved Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Dyal Singh. He is considered a best filmmaker of Pakistan and is famous for making issue-based films wrapped in entertainment.

[alert style=”white”] Syed Noor full name is Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Noor. [/alert]

Director Noor has wowed to bring about a positive change in the state of Pakistan film industry. He was born in February 21, 1951.