Sahir LodhiThe famous morning show Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath of Samaa TV has get a new host Sahir Lodhi as it has become trend of changing host in Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath. Morning show Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath has been hosted by Sanam Baloch and Momal Shaikh and now Sahir Lodhi has become a new host of this show.

As we know that audiences have great impact of host of their favorite program and regular audiences cannot bear changing of host because they get to attached with host and started to like him/her as a host of the program. Changing of host suddenly decreased the interest of audiences in the show as they don’t like to see other faces despite of the old host with whom they are used to watch the show. It is to remember that mostly audiences start to watch the show due to their favorite host and when host of the program changed, it makes people angry and created lack of attention of viewers due to which show gets highly affected because every show depends on the audiences’ interest.

Now let’s see audiences will maintain same attention and response or not after watching Sahir Lodhi in place of last host Momal Shaikh. Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath on-airs from Monday to Friday at 9:05 AM and is hosted by Sahir Lodhi these days.