dawn news logoDawn media group is looking for a sub- editor, who can work till late night. Workers will have to work from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. Facilities of pick and drop will be provided, but the workers will not be allowed to do work from their home.

Workers have to keep eyes on the news of different sources and will have to publish them on line in given time with good editing, including social media updates and comments. Candidates will be appointed on merit and they will have to appear in test.

This is the position of entry level and candidates should be perfect in journalism.

You can send your CV on: web@dawn.com.

This is the best offer for all candidates, who are looking for a job as a journalist. We are giving good offers for all job seekers. If you are interested, just send you’re CVs. We will give you good salaries and increment as well for the best performances. We will also provide lot lots of facilities. This is the best chance and jobless candidates should make the most of it.