Saima KhanLahore: Stage actress Saima Khan is looking for her prince charming these days as she has decided to get married. She said that she wants to marry now but still she will not rush into marriage as she is looking for perfect husband. Saima Khan has also expressed her desire that she wants her marriage to be attended by large number of showbiz people with great enthusiasm.

Saima Khan who has appeared in several movies and stage plays was born in Sialkot and lives in Lahore as she has gained lots of fame in the Lahore district. She is a talented and good dancer of Punjabi Theater as she is recognized for her wonderful and fabulous dancing on stage. Saima Khan was also criticized for her vulgar dancer and was banned due to her immoral activities on stage as she has remained most controversial stage actress.

Saima khan whose real name is Attia Khanum has also worked as lady constable in Punjab Police before joining showbiz. Stage dancer and actress Saima Khan has also received many films offers from Punjabi films as she is known for her bold dances. In 2007, Saima Khan attacked by some unknown gunman who opened fire at her near Iqbal Town due to which she got injured.