soteli imageDrama serial “Soteli” is the upcoming drama serial of ARY Digital that will be started from 18th May. Famous actors of Pakistan are performing in this drama Deepak Pervani, Ayesha Khan, Sabrina Baloch, Shehzad Sheikh, Sadia Faisal, Saba Faisal, Rahma Saleem, Aashir Wajahat, Sarmad Mirza, Tara Mehmood and Ahmed Zeb.

This will be the great drama of ARY story revolves around the step mother and her step son. Ayesha Khan is performing the role of step mother and Deepak Parvani became the husband of Ayesha. Actress Ayesha is performing the cunning role of the step mother of Wajahat, while Sabrina is performing the role of the real mother and the first wife of Deepak. Sabrina is considered to be the best actress of Pakistan.

Actress Ayesha is the charm of this drama since she did wonderful performance of the cruel step mother of Wajahat. Deepak is also the best performer of Pakistan. Ayesha Khan, Deepak Pervani, Sabrina Baloch and Wajahat are the main characters of this drama of ARY. ARY Digital is going to bring this sensitive story for the viewers soon. This channel has shown so many sensitive good stories for the viewers.