Time for changeSocial Media now a days is powerful agent of change either it be positive or negative. Channeling it to flow in the right direction will surely produce good and lasting results. The effect will not be only on the level of masses but on the level of individuals too.

Practical and useful utilization is no doubt in practice today. Consumers now are better off because of the social media contrary to this in earlier days, the consumers faced problems till the extent that they felt deprived of consumer rights. Social media gave them voice and a platform where their voice is heard.

Commercial giants don’t want to earn bad name for themselves that is why they leave no stone unturned in regards to customer service and themselves are willing to solve the problems of consumers and are fully utilizing the social media for this reason.

Another good use is against the corruption. Corruption of any sort of course. If anyone grasps some information regarding corruption especially any graphical proof, making it public is not a difficult task hence embarrassment and dismay for the one who was involved in such an act, when such sort of news or material is made public over the social media.

Especially the government departments which are serving the public are quiet aware of the power of the social media that is why great efforts are being made to eradicate such ill-natured acts. Business Entities along with Government can take advantage from the constructive criticism which is present on the social media.