Karachi: Famous singer Shehzad Roy is about to start his program against drugs. He has said that drugs are openly sold in our country and there is conspiracy to spoil our youth. Singer Shehzad has said that selling of drugs is increasing day by day in Pakistan.

Shehzad has said that drugs are sold in our schools, colleges and universities. Our students are being made addicted, so that our country will not get progress. We have to remove it as soon as possible he expressed. [alert style=”white”] Singer has further said that different organizations are working to remove this but our government should take action as well. [/alert]

shehzad royShehzad Roy is a famous Pakistani singer and social worker. His five albums have been recorded by him. He is the founder of “Zindagi Trust”, it is a non- profit organization of charity. He wants to educate the poor people through his trust. Singer has got a lot of fans not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world. Singer Shehzad has got a lovely voice and has sung so many good songs. He was born in 16 February, 1977.