Singer Naeem Abbas RufiKarachi: Famous Pakistani singer Naeem Abbas Rufi said after his performance last night at Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi in Eid Milan musical show which was organized by Arts Productions that he doesn’t want to leave Karachi and even cannot imagine about it. However, I must go to perform in shows at different cities in Pakistan.

Singer Naeem Abbas also said that Karachi is my original home, which gave me name and rise and he cannot repay ever his city’s kindness on him. He added that I pray for those singers and artists of Karachi too who are facing economic issues as everyone pray for good conditions and situations of Karachi. There was a period when we used to do several shows in one night, even sun arose while performing and today this situation has come when singers wait for the shows, singer added.

During Eid Milan musical show, Naeem Abbas Rufi bound an atmosphere with his melodious singing for one hour as everybody enjoyed his company while dancing on his songs. Actor Kamal Hassan, Ali Hassan and other artists also performed till late at night in the Eid Milan musical show whereas S.M Shakir, Shahnaz Siddiqui and others also spoke to the event.