kidnappedSukkur: Sindh Police till now has not been able to recover Hakim Abro a Mirpur Mathelo based reporter. Hakim was kidnapped on 22nd April from the limits of Sarhad Police Station. The SSP of Ghotki although promised the recovery of the abducted journalist but till now Hakim was not recovered. According to reports Hakim was travelling to his Village along with a police constable near Sarhad area armed men stopped their vehicle and kidnapped them.

The kidnappers let the Police Constable go but they kept Hakim Abro in their custody and disappeared as they went to some unknown location. The journalists reacted on this abduction and protested for recovery of Hakim Abro. The Ghotki SSP met the protesting journalist and asked the family of Hakim Abro to sign an undertaking that Police will not be held responsible if Police is not able to recover Hakim Abro safely while launching the recovery operation. His family and all journalist rejected it.

Association of TV Journalists of Ghotki not only protested against the kidnapping of Hakim Abro but they also condemned the poor performance of Police. The Chairperson Allah Warayo Bozdar censured The Ghotki SSP for his big claims and zero performance. He announced that if Hakim was not recovered within next 48 hours they will launch a series of protest against the Sindh Police.