anchor shazia akramSome female newscasters are charmers. They charm the audience with their beautiful delivering of news and clarity and nonetheless their beauty also. A perfect example of this is Shazia Akram. Shazia Akram is a news anchor and a host. She has been charming the audience and her fans for some time now.

People like her and she has become the favorite news anchor of many people. Her demand by other news channels has increased but she is currently working comfortably at Dunya News. She is frequently seen during the important news or on prime times.

Shazia Akram was born in Lahore and is also a resident of the same city. She is not very active on social networking websites; the most probable reason might be her hectic schedule. Shazia is also famous for her strong but feminine voice.

Shazia began her career as a news anchor at Dunya News. She is still currently working here and is completely committed to the channel. After working as a news anchor person for a while she got an offer to co-host the show “Khabar Yeh Hai”. Her fellow hosts are Sami Abrahim and Saeed Qazi. The show is now very popular among the people. The show targets hot new issues of the day. She is also the host of the show “12 Bajay”.