shan foods eid ramzan commercialThere are almost hundreds of television commercials which we saw on our screen on the daily basis but very few of them have been remembered. This is just because of unique ideas of the talented people which are associated with the advertising agencies. Nowadays, new TVC of Shan Foods has gone viral on social media and thousands of people are sharing it on the daily basis. The commercial has come up with a unique and touchy idea that has made many people emotional.

In this 3 minute long commercial, a story of two brothers has been shown who are living abroad and younger brother is telling older brother that he is badly missing home and food made by his Mom. Elder brother comforts his crying younger brother with a hug and arrange delicious food made from Shan recipe on the occasion of Eid. When younger brother comes home, he found that the table is full of delicious foods and his mother is live on Skype.

“The idea was to create emotional appeal and I think that has been successfully achieved. People not living in the country anymore are particularly moved by the ad because the bulk of our online views are coming from various different counties, not just Pakistan”, Marketing Representative of Shan Foods said.

It is to be noted that lots of people are recommending this TVC to their loved ones and specially for those Pakistanis who are living abroad.

Watch Commercial Below

Courtesy: Shan Foods