Shan-e-Ramzan, the most awaited live transmission of Ramzan on ARY Digital is going to be start from 1st Ramzan. Last year Shan-e-Ramzan has captured great deal of attention and interest of people through its heart touching transmission as now it is all set to become the most eye-catching live transmission. Similarly, the program will consists on Sehar and Iftar live transmissions and many more.

This year too, ARY Digital gives Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami another blessed opportunity to host the Ramzan transmission and grasp viewers’ attention as they have done before by their attractive hosting and way of presenting. Both hosts are again ready to bring great charm and attraction in the show to boost their live transmission program.

Shan-e-Ramzan Registration Method:

In order to participate in exclusive live transmission of Shen-e-Ramzan

Call at: 021-111-279-111

Shan-e-Ramzan programAll people are eagerly wanted to participate in this live transmission and don’t want to leave this blissful opportunity as they have started to registered themselves. But people are facing some problems while getting registered as they are complaining on the social networking site that no one is picking their calls and their number is always busy all the day long. People are claiming that we are not able to register ourselves at this given number because we are not getting any response from this number.