Famous morning show host of Pakistani television industry Shaista Lodhi (Previously Known as Shaista Wahidi), had shared her marriage news earlier this week on Twitter account, and now marriage pictures have gone viral on social media. The second marriage of Shaista Lodhi was held on 30th June in Dubai and the name of her husband is Adnan Lodhi. He is actually cousin of Shaista Lodhi and he owns businesses in foreign countries, according to the sources.

Previously, Shaista Lodhi had announced her second marriage earlier this week with the picture of sharing wedding ring but the faces of the couple were not shown in this picture. She had also shared a Verse from the Holy Quran, related with the marriage.

Shaista LodhiIn the viral wedding picture of Shaista Lodhi on social media, she is looking gorgeous and her husband is busy in conversation with someone on cell phone. While son of Shaista Lodhi can also be seen clearly in the picture, stand behind the newly married couple.

Fans and followers of Shaista Lodhi have congratulated her on her marriage and wished best of luck for her married life. It is to be noted that Shaista Lodhi was previously married with Dr. Waqar Wahidi, from whom she had taken divorce in 2012 and have three children with her first husband.