Afridi's Hijama therapyThe internationally famed cricketer Shahid Afridi Khan has undergone Hijama therapy recently which was done by Hijama expert Muhammad Farooq Khan who has been affiliated with National Research Council of Alternative Medicines. The pictures of Hijama therapy of Shahid Afridi has revealed on social media in which Shahid Afridi is undergoing from Hijama therapy. Famous Pakistani boxer Amir Khan also shared Afridi’s Hijama therapy pictures on his twitter Account few days earlier.

The fans of Lala are appreciating Afridi for following the Sunnat of our last Prophet (P.B.U.H) as Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has said that Hijama is the best treatment of various diseases. It is pertinent to mention that Islamic Prophet (P.B.U.H) also adopted Hijama therapy and encouraged to other for this therapy. Hijama is growing increasingly popular treatment of Islam in the world which is known as known as cupping therapy in the Western countries and non-Muslim countries. In Hijama therapy special type of transparent glass is placed on various parts of the body by making small and light incisions in the skin in order to collect blood drops in the cups from incised body parts.

The patient himself seems to feel light and fresh and at the same time his disease is also finished in Hijama therapy. Many people who are not suffering from any disease also undergo from Hijama therapy in order to feel lightweight body and freshness.