Fareeha-IdreesFareeha Idrees is a renowned anchorperson and journalist. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She got fame as anchorperson for her, current affairs program ‘News Beat’. She went to University of Westminster, London for her Master’s degree in Broadcast and Print Journalism.

Fareeha initiated her journalism career from well-read and renowned women’s magazine in United Kingdom. She has worked for The Guardian, BBC, Channel 4, The Daily Mirror, Evening Standard and Eastern Eye. She has the credit of writing for various publications in Pakistan and Europe. She remained spokesperson for the Muslim council of Britain.

She has worked with CNBC Pakistan as bureau chief and did a prime time show at 8pm ‘Islamabad Sey’. Afterwards she joined Samaa TV in 2011 and took over show ‘news beat’ that took her into limelight. Then she was associated with Waqt news and did a current affairs show ‘8pm with Fareeha Idrees’ and then joined Abb Takk Television and going to replace Jasmeen Manzoor’s time slot.

She has been associated to media industry since 2000. She is a multi talented person and proved herself in writing, editing, documentary making, journalism, producing and anchoring. The documentary which she made ‘unsung heroes’ got selected for Banff Awards.