Rauf-KlasraSenior journalist and TV host Rauf Klasra will join ARY News. In his recent tweet he has announced to join ARY News and will continue his show at 92 News HD till May 15. He has made his place in journalism with important investigative reports and bringing scandals of politicians on screen. He is listed among the top anchors who are known for their quality content in the media.

He has worked with leading media group and talented investigative teams in his media career. He has worked with 92 News HD and hosted a program which got maximum ratings ‘MUQABIL’ with co-host Amir Mateen. He is considered as one of the most refined anchors of Pakistan. After 92 News HD he has now connected with ARY News.

Yousaf Baig Mirza has a key role in polishing the talent of Rauf Klasra and making him an asset for the channel. CEO of 92 News HD took a big step and allotted Rauf the prime time 10:00pm slot in which he performed at his best and gave tough time to other shows. He will be beneficial addition in ARY News.