Female News AnchorRiyadh: The female news anchors of Saudi Arabia may be soon required to dress more modestly while appearing on-air. The Shoura Council which is the advisory body of Saudi Arabia, looking for a proposal nowadays which would require all female television anchors to wear abaya while going on-air. The women news presenters should have to cover their head and wear black traditional abaya normally used by the females of Saudi Arabia. However, the national television of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia already asked its female news presenter to wear the traditional coverall abaya before the final decision of Shoura Council.

The chairman of the media committee at the consultative body Ahmed Al-Zailaee said that this law will be applicable on all the women media workers in Saudi Arabia after the approval from Shoura Council. However a women Shoura member Latifa Al-Shualan is surprised to look the council’s interest in the dress code of women news presenter. She said that there are many other important issues which should be tackled first and the decision would be criticized by the international media.

The higher authorities of Saudi Arabia have insisted that the news presenter generally represents the country and they must reflect the social traditions and values of Saudi people.