Sarmad KhoosatFamous Pakistani actor and director Sarmad Sultan has beat famous Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Irfan Khan through his acting. According to the media reports, Sarmad Sultan Khosat has won the award of Best Actor, in Jaipur International Film Festival, India. Sarmad Khosat has got this achievement through his excellent performance in Pakistani film Manto. Bollywood legendary actors Amitab Bachchan and Irfran Khan were also nominated for this award but Sarmad Khosat has been selected Best Actor. Despite of this award, Manto film has also won other awards as well in this festival.

During this festival, Amitabh Bachchan’s film Piku was shown, competition Pakistani film Manto, but judges and viewers have selected Manto. After winning this award, Sarmad Sultan Khosat said that he has never work for awards and did not even think that he would be honored. He said that his only priority is to perform well but he is very happy for getting this award outside the country. He also said that it is a big news for Pakistani cinema because it would bring motivation for the people to work in this field.

Cast of the film including Saba Qamar, Savera Nadeem, Mahira Khan, Jana Malik and Nadia Afgan have also congratulated Sarmad Khoosat for his achievement.