Sara Chaudhry rejects the rumors regarding her joining back Showbiz. She termed the news as fake and false along with it she clarified that she has not joined the media. Some local blogs and Newspaper published the News that Sara has performed in a telefilm which was made on Terrorism. The news further added that Sara has played a leading role in the telefilm, the blogs also published the news of her come back.

Sara Chaudhry herself rejected the fake and false news on social media. She said that she has not performed in any telefilm and has not joined the media again. She declared the news as false and prayed for the publishers that they may be guided to right path as it is sin to relate something false with someone who has not done that at all.

Sarah Chuhdary status on her showbiz return news
Sarah Choudary Status on News of Her Return in Showbiz

Sara Chaudhry left Media few years back and totally turned to Islam. She is now regularly taking part in Islamic lectures and studies. She also actively communicates with sisters in faith and not just seek knowledge but also spreads the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah. She remains in touch with the people on social media and keeps on educating and guiding everyone.