sana bucha picsOne of the prominent names in the journalism field is Sana Bucha. The versatile, courageous, prolific journalist, columnist, host, anchor is a woman of wisdom who stands out as an inspiration to the new comers in the field. Being modestly dressed up, she symbolizes journalist woman with intelligence which is reflected in her attitude and the style she carries in her writings and on the screen.

Sana Bucha was born on 12 August 1980. She belongs from a respectable family. She holds B.A. degree in political science from King’s College London and has good educational back ground. She is a sister of two, Bisma Bucha and Nimra Bucha, the latter being the elder sister who is a respectable Pakistani TV female actress and is also associated with the art of writing and painting.

The married lady, Bucha started off being a producer at the Geo News in the year 2003. She had had been covering the local and foreign affairs as a researcher behind the screen. She was the first to do the English bulletins aired on the Geo Network. Bucha can also be attributed of doing the first ever English show on the channel ‘News Day’. Apart from hosting the show, she was also the key researcher behind the program ‘Crisis Cell’.

Sana then started to host the new show ‘Lekin’, a political based show with the notion of presenting the true essence of journalism, presenting the facts versus fiction and abounding people to develop public opinion on the basis the truths and facts. This show gained immense viewer ship and fame but it also proved to be a reason of conflict between the journalist and the Geo TV channel. Sana began to develop ill terms with TV network in the month of July 2012 but re-appeared after settled disputes but then again she decided to resign, stating that the channel has been restricting her to present liberal views.

It has also been said that she had objections with the idea of doing a show on the child activist Malala Yousufzai by Dr. Amir Liaquat. She then joined Dunya news and hosted the show , ‘Yaqeen’ aired at 10 pm. News spread that it was she who resigned because she did not want to follow the editorial policy of the channel like that of Geo TV.

Bucha is a liberal journalist who believes in truth and reality and picturing the reality to the public. Her writing pieces are the mouth pieces of her intelligence and wisdom. However, she had had been alleged for plagiarism in her writings by the media people.

Sana is active on Twitter and also does Facebook account where she keeps posting her views and sharing her professional life happenings. On Facebook however she invites her fans to respond to various pertaining to social questions.