Sahir Lodhi has at all times had a taste for performing and was presented a bunch of prospects outdoor from Lahore, but his commerce obligations limited him proceed up any venture. Lodhi poises to contribute to the degree of variety of film-production, currently common in Pakistani theatre. The film which is around a father-son bond will be directed by vet scriptwriter and director Pervaiz Kaleem.

The plan can also include fresh skills like new art directors from the Nation’s School of arts in Lahore and an unknown London-skilled film-producer who has got the understanding of functioning with Indian directors.

Lodhi stresses he’s thoughtful about eminence film-creation and he’s about to sustain equilibrium of qualified and new folks on his production squad.The squad is at present eyeing out for a woman lead, which will probably be from India. Nonetheless there were rumors that they have contracted Brit model Puja Panchkoty.

Sahir Lodhi[alert style=”green”]It is expected that the idea of Lodhi, to build a multi flavor team, can help him in producing a movie that is being yearned by the mass in Pakistan. [/alert]

The movie will go on the grounds in the approaching small number of months, while the approved press statement will be prepared by the closing of this month.