saba qamarThe young and energetic Saba Qamar who got fame from her recent work was accused by a local newspaper to be involved in a money laundering case. Earlier Ayyan Ali was arrested from Islamabad Airport on the charges of money laundering. Ayyan is behind the bars in the case as further investigation continues.

A local Urdu newspaper published the news that Saba Qamar was involved in a money laundering case and she was constantly being questioned by Federal Investigation Agency FIA over the case. Where as in response to such news Saba Qamar replied she wasn’t involved in any such case. Moreover she said that she hasn’t been outside country for last five years, last time she went to Bangkok in 2010 and now for the Hum TV awards in 2015 she went to Dubai. Saba Qamar added that the people who were jealous from her were using such cheap tactics to defame her but everyone knows that she has worked hard not only for herself but for the good of the country too.

Saba Qamar who hails from Karachi started her media career with the Drama ‘Chaap’ which was aired in 2006. She has worked in scores of dramas and also has worked in a Lollywood movie ‘Aina’ which was her first ever movie in Lollywood.