The pro-league Muslim Press of this phase was spear¬headed by the “Muslim Outlook” and “Inqilab” whose lead was accepted by Muslim papers all over the sub-continent. Their contribution was as follows:

They exposed the machinations of the Congress and brought to surface the mischief done through the Nehru Report. Despite the Boycott of the Simon Commission by a large body of public opinion these papers projected Muslim Political demands to the Commission.

Their support to the All-parties Muslim Conference and “Jinnah’s Fourteen Points” was unconditional, vigorous and consistent. Their united efforts led to the unification of the two sections of the League functioning as parallel bodies. The Lahore papers (Inqilab and Muslim Outlook) gave full support to Iqbal’s Allahabad Address and fought against the storm of opposition raised by the non-Muslim press.

During the Round Table Conferences (1930-32) the Muslim press mobilized the public opinion to such a pitch that the announcement of the Communal Award became inevitable.

The Muslim press supported the Kashmir Movement launched by Sh. Abdullah and Ch. Ghulam Abbas and made sacrifices for that. They also helped in strengthening the Ahrar civil disobedience movement involving arrest of 30,000 Muslims. The administration was continually watched to see where Muslim interests were trampled upon. These papers also gave support to Muslim officers who worked under great stress.

The campaign for social reform and for promotion of education went on unabated. The papers also acted as forums for Muslim intellectuals who were ignored by the Hindu press.

The press was friendly to the Muslim world, kept Indian Muslims informed of the new trends and movements in the Muslim world but the emphasis was on home politics.