saeed wasiqLahore: Famous RJ of Radio FM 100, poet and senior journalist Saeed Wasiq said that failure in love doesn’t make anyone poet, the way an actor is a born artist similarly a poet is born as well. And with the passage of time his abilities are exposed, he added.

His books of poetry are appreciated by the people of all ages. But young generation really likes his poems greatly. Mr. Saeed has written 5 books so far, sixth book is soon going to be available in market.

He said FM 100 bestowed me this fame and my fan following was also started through it. Saeed Wasiq has now more poetry-loving fans than. His Urdu poems and Ghazals are noteworthy. Indeed, his work has become his identity. He is the first RJ who earned the award of ‘Presenter’. Wasiq has also worked in a Pakistani newspaper.