hard work, naturally equipped skills and a real beauty, that is how we define the famous newscaster Quratulain Hassan. She is more than that and we are pretty sure about it. She has a successful career in her favorite field which is every person’s dream. She is summed as one of the best news anchors of Pakistan. She has gathered a great deal of admirers now and will still continue to do so.

Quratulain belongs from Karachi, the city of lights. She mesmerizes the whole audience with her soft but strong voice. The clarity in her words is also magnificent. She has her own Twitter account but she is not very active on social networking websites.

Quratulain received all her fame from the ARY News. This all started when she nailed a job in ARY News as a news anchor. She is still currently working with them unlike many other newscasters who usually change channels frequently.

She came into the industry as a newscaster but as her talents were brought to spotlight, ARY News also gave her an offer to host a show, which she accepted. She then becomes the host of the show, Off the Record. She still hosts the following show. This show also helped her to gain more fame.