PTI's workers' attacked on GeoGujrat: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s workers who do not leave any chance to hit Geo News have also attacked another time on Geo in Gujrat. According to the details, PT’s Jalsa was held in Gujrat on 24 October in Zahoor Elahi stadium where PTI’s chairman Imran Khan was addressing to the occasion and his party’s workers were trying hard to terminate the drone cameras of Geo News which was installed in order to cover the event.

The drone camera of Geo News which was covering the Jalsa of PTI has been attacked by the PTI’s followers by stick due to which camera became useless. Within seconds the drone camera of Geo News was changed and again started to cover the Jalsa of PTI. This attacked of PTI’s workers on Geo news’ drone camera has also been captured in the footage in which a flying stick is showing through which PTI’s workers were trying to destroy the drone camera of Geo News.

It is worth mentioning that PTI’s workers attacked on Geo News’ camera in front of Imran Khan but he did not say anything to his followers. Even at this moment, Imran Khan was addressing to the rally and claiming that we have never taken any revenge from anyone as we are peaceful.

[alert style=”red”]It is also important to highlight her that PTI’s followers have attacked on Geo News office more than 12 times in Islamabad as well as they have also attacked on Geo News’ reporters but Imran Khan does not take any action against this injustice.[/alert]