PTI Supporters Misbehave With Reporters in Multan

PTI SupportersPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf‘s supporters whose misbehaving with reporters is always enlighten at every event since the start of PTI Dharna at Islamabad. Recently another disobedient act has been emerged by the PTI supporters with media reporters during Multan Jalsa where PTI’s supporters misbehave with Gharida Farooqi, the female reporter of Samaa TV as well as with other female reporters and also abused them as there was a height of disarrangement at the Multan Jalsa.

PTI’s Multan Jalsa which was covered with enormous crowd was a good show according to political aspect but worst management ruined the whole show due to which lots of negativity came across in front of many people. Gharida Farooqi told while reporting the Jalsa that female reporters were facing abusing, mistreatment, misbehaving from the PTI supporters during the Jalsa which was completely unbearable. Samaa TV’s reporter told that female reporters became great victim of this mismanagement of PTI Jalsa in which they have to suffer from misbehavior and maltreatment of PTI’s supporters at which some reporters also complaint’s to Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi but no action came from them into reporters’ favor.

Reporter Gharida Farooqi also told that there was no one in the Jalsa who could control PTI’s supporters even most of the supporters had the pass to be on stage. PTI’s media cell’s in-charge also apologized to the media teams but supporters of PTI did not stop from their misbehavior in any way. People also became unconscious due to that much suffocation and crowd as well as weather was also hot on that day but no one taking care of injured people due to which this PTI Jalsa appeared as worst Multan’s Jalsa ever.

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  1. Farooq Ahmed says:

    i totally agree with faisal. Guys i dont know whether u ppl believe or not but gharida herself is not of a good character. You ppl remember pti jalsa in khi in which gharida was the only reporter on stage or talking to imran khan. Can you guess how did she got on stage ???.. Well stage security was in the hands of pti supporter and what gharida did was let the lead security arranger grope her for sometime from behind and front just to get on top of the stage …and sources at multan jalsa also said gharida had no issues with ppl touching everywhere on her body … because some ppl inserted their hands in her shalwar or tights n she was as if nothing happened… its only when this groping got too much n people actually remove the shalwar from her body n one of their cameramen saw that gharida was actually naked from below… he shouted towards the person holding the shalwar n suddenly gharida was forced back into reality and then they started shouting k ppl misbehave with gharida etc… i think she enjoy this very much thats y she actually choose to be in a situation like this … She must took great precautions as one day she might get brutally raped ir abused n her naked pic would started flying all over internet…

  2. Faisal Inam says:

    Main iski bharppoor muzammat karta hun .. magar gharida jaisi hot reporter ko itne tight kapre pehen ke mardon ke beech main nahin jana chahie… aisa aik incident bbc ki reporter ka Egypt ke inqilab main hua tha … uske kapre phar diye the ..aur usko brutally abuse kia tha can check it on web… to shukar hai gharida ke sath aisa kuch nahin hua na hi uski shalwar ksi ne phadi aur na hi uski qameez. Ab itni bheer main agar ksi ne usko aage yah peeche se ungle kardi yah front se chest daba dia to pata nahin chal sakta .. Anyways i hope aainda ksi female reporter ke aath itna bura sulook naho

  3. Muhammad asif sufi says:

    all the pti workers as well as there leaders are follish peoples.they have not practicle but just ddo the is very shameful for them and there leaders.but what can they do.they learn what they have to do.

  4. NAEEM BHATTI says:

    This attitude is not good but need to tv management sent mail reports at this type event specially lades reporters not allowed to access in jants portion lades reporter cover only lades department then hopefully this type incident not hapend in future.

  5. Ahmad ASGHAR says:

    Gareeda achi reporter hy PTI workers can’t misbehave with woman .

  6. zeeshan says:

    Auray ghar ki izat hy, ghar me rahe tab hi achi lgti hey. Kis ne kaha tha ke jalsun me jao.

  7. baidar says:

    Mo sambal k coment kr

  8. baidar says:

    Jaise karoge waise baro go inho ne pti ko hmisha badnam karne ke koshish ke ha

  9. rizwan says:

    ye bi to apny ap me heroin banti hy i think ke is ko pata hona chahye ke ye pakistani males ki coverage kr rahi hy syd is ne sabaq sekh lia ho ke ainda nai coberage kry gi male side ki

  10. tania says:

    i am the supporter of pti but it is shamefull for pti that after 73 days af dharna has gone and they don’t seek that how to manage people just like tahir-ul-qadri, it is too bad that Gharida farooqi one of the great reporter which from the first day of dharna she was with them face such rubbish words,
    but ghareeda you too plz dont make it a big thing, it was misunderstandind, forgave and and forget

  11. mishkatullah says:

    Es tara ka log sare partyo ma hote ha es ka kasoor sare party par nahi dal sakte koy sazeshi bi to a sakta ha jalse ma pti ka dushmen bi to kam nahi ha

  12. aijaz bangash says:

    yar media ko bycott karna chahye.waise b faqir ho gaya hai pti wala.aik tu sharm se bhag gaya hai dosre k b bari hai

  13. abid ali says:

    It is not done by pti people .ok and don, t blame other if you have proofs then go to pak cout till your, s dearth your case will be hanging it pakistan judiciary

  14. kamran malik says:

    There r not pti suppoter

  15. hajra sarfraz badozai says:

    multan k loag padha likhay baa shaoor loag hain woh khwatin k sath aesi harkat nai kar sakte .albata aas paas ke chotay shehron se ae hue loagon ne aisi badtamizi ka muzahera kiya hoga jo hum sub k liye baa ese sharm hy .liss k liye ghareeda farooqi saheba se maazrat krte hain .aor umeed karte hain ke woh bhi halaat ko daikhte hue darr guzar kreingi .

  16. Hamid Ali Khan says:

    Gareeda achi reporter hy, lekin jab itni khoobsurat larki larkon me jaye gi unse touch ho gi tu mard tu behak jaye ga, ye koi achi harkat nahi hy me iski muzammat karta hn par gareeda ko unglian khane k baad kuch thori bht samaj tu a he gai hogi

  17. Abdul rehman says:

    PTI workers can’t misbehave with woman they are PLMN workers.

  18. shumail khan says:

    hahahahah well said @ PTI 🙂 🙂

  19. hamza says:

    sorry sister ya log nawaz group ka ha jo pti ko bdname karta ha ma is ke barpoor muzamat krta ho and agine sorry

    • hajra sarfraz badozai says:

      hamza sahb ! pti k loag doodh se dhulay hue bhi nai hain .achay bure nonsence loag har jagah hote hain .jo khwatine se rah chalte hue bhi aesi ghatya aor na zaiba harkaat karte dikhai dete hain ..jes ki aik misaal multan ka PTI julsa bhi hy .ab har ghalat kam ka malba PMLN par bhi nai dala ja sakta .

  20. Sh.Rafiq says:

    Request to PTI worker to obserbe who misbehave the people because your opponent may create any thing in your party.

  21. dr tariq rao says:

    Yehe to ha naya pakistan, tabdeeli, inqilab aur insaf,. Abhe to trailor chal rahe hain, film dekhna khirky tor ho ge.

  22. zahid ahmed says:

    This is shameful, but my advice is that female reporters should know their limits. in the race channel viewership, gharida has always gone into the areas where due to small space even men don’t dare to enter. When there are hundreds of thousands people there, you cant expect discipline from every one. As this is missing even in gatherings of educated people.

  23. Imran Siddique malik says:

    PTI crowd is based upon young boys who are going there for one reason that is to see the Eves, who are usually there in plenty to see Imran Khan. Imran knows it well that is why he present himself as dish to devour by Eves, which sucks boys and this is wrap of PTI. There is no philosophy. IK has brought more shallowness to this country.
    Girls be careful you are the hook for PTI. If you like the aggravated assaults, carry on going there and if you wish to keep your vanity in check stick to other places. IK will not return you any favor. Amin Minhas a worldly scholar said on the occasion of IK marriage with Jemima , “can’t he find one reasonable lady in Pakistan in last 25 years”. his quote was written in the front page of Times.

  24. sherry says:

    I hate IK …he z agent of yahoodi..if he can gave us new Pakistan ist v want new kpk…cause kpk gave a chance him..if he can’t make a new kpk then how v believe that ik gave us new pak..corruption z on the top in kpk n ik party members. start from cm of kpk and also others ..they r all same…so plz my dear brother and sisters don’t be fool. Ik u wait for 5 years and make new kpk..tata bye bye my sweet brother s and sisters
    long live and stay blessed..

  25. Ch. Asif Zahoor says:

    Pehly ap mujhy ye batain Gareeda ka Boys ki taraf reporting kerna kia achi baat thi Gareeda ko chahy k wo female side ki reporting kerti na k boys ki taraf ki…. Or han jalsy main kia pata chalta hai k kon kis party ka banda hai .. ap PTI ko blame ni dy sakty….

  26. khurram naeem says:

    we are sorry for that

  27. shahbaz munir says:

    This is very bad main iski barpoor muzammat kerta hoon.sharam karoo pti ko badnam kernay waloo.respect your sisters yay apki resonseblety hay….03004155140

    • Kashif says:

      Acha ye to nta do k PTI walon ma kitni sharm hy Pti k leadron ne bhi imran ko ruf language istamal krny se roka hy aur Imran Ab bhtar ho gia hy

  28. shahid naveed says:

    عمران خان کے نئے پاکستان کی نئ قومی زبان کا تو پتہ چل رہا
    خدا کرے کہ نیا نظام بھی ایسا نہ دے جاۓ
    عمران بھائی سے قومی اخلاق بھی درست کرنے کی گزارش

  29. riaz shahid says:

    i want job in saudi

  30. Muhammad Ziauddin says:

    I am great supporter of PTI however they should have proper management rather then only focusing on big Jalsa.

  31. zafar ali wahidi advocate says:

    It is the result of Imran Khan’s filthy and abusive language who is not fit for politics and also tout of yahood and hanood everybody known Khan’s past after some times it will be disclose on every Pakitani who loves Pakistan and ISLAM. Everybody have seen what he happened after Namaz-e-Eid and his attitude shows that Imran Khan does not aware with Islam and Islamic injunctions therefore followers of Khan’s also do that which they learn from their so called leader. ****SNAN KHUWAN-E-TEHZEB-E-MASHRIQ KAHAN HAIN*****

  32. PTI says:

    I am very sorry, Kharida , but this your duty. Please dont try to commercialize your abuse scandal. & might be this will help you to migrate from Pakistan Like Malala.

    In Jalsas; many times great personalities are got abused Like , Prime Minister Benazir Butto. but she never cry like you. when some police officer abouse her in Lahore Jalsa.

    Please keep cam & perform your duty……. if you have any proof of absusing eg. DNA testing you may go to Suprem Court through MIP.

    • Pakistani says:

      U r just a stupid A$$. Ur comment shows ur mentality, think if she was ur sister n someone misbehave with her then how do u feel but i guess may b nothing bcz it might b normal for u. Thanks

  33. ShamsNazir says:

    its very shameful act by the PTI’s worker to harass the female reports of the print and electronic media during Multan Jalsa. We strongly condemn it.

  34. Farids says:

    we people are only there to show strength. We are trigger happy people. We are shodas to display quantity rather than quality. When we loose we can not stand it.

  35. jamil says:


  36. Zia says:

    The misbehaving reports are very common of the chairman of Tehree-e-Insaf as well as his supporters with common men especially with female media reporters, since 14/8/2014 they are creating problems for civil society and trying to paralyze whole Pakistan by the help of their foolish demands there is no concept management in “Darna” and Jalsa, this mismanagement not only ruined his Darna and Jalsas, but also economy of Pakistan.

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