PTI SupportersPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf‘s supporters whose misbehaving with reporters is always enlighten at every event since the start of PTI Dharna at Islamabad. Recently another disobedient act has been emerged by the PTI supporters with media reporters during Multan Jalsa where PTI’s supporters misbehave with Gharida Farooqi, the female reporter of Samaa TV as well as with other female reporters and also abused them as there was a height of disarrangement at the Multan Jalsa.

PTI’s Multan Jalsa which was covered with enormous crowd was a good show according to political aspect but worst management ruined the whole show due to which lots of negativity came across in front of many people. Gharida Farooqi told while reporting the Jalsa that female reporters were facing abusing, mistreatment, misbehaving from the PTI supporters during the Jalsa which was completely unbearable. Samaa TV’s reporter told that female reporters became great victim of this mismanagement of PTI Jalsa in which they have to suffer from misbehavior and maltreatment of PTI’s supporters at which some reporters also complaint’s to Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi but no action came from them into reporters’ favor.

Reporter Gharida Farooqi also told that there was no one in the Jalsa who could control PTI’s supporters even most of the supporters had the pass to be on stage. PTI’s media cell’s in-charge also apologized to the media teams but supporters of PTI did not stop from their misbehavior in any way. People also became unconscious due to that much suffocation and crowd as well as weather was also hot on that day but no one taking care of injured people due to which this PTI Jalsa appeared as worst Multan’s Jalsa ever.