Waheed Ur RehmanKarachi: The murder suspect of University of Karachi Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman has released due to non-evidence. According to the media reports, accused murderer of Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman, Sami ul Rehman has been released by the police due to unavailability of evidence against him. The police have sent the report to the anti-terrorism court in which it is mentioned that the accused person has been released due to non-evidence. The police reported that during the investigations with the accused murderer, no evidence had been found and that is the reason he has been released under the Criminal Code Section 497.

On the other end, the honorary Court has approved the report filed by the investigative officer. The police had arrested accused murderer of Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman about 15 days ago and had taken his 14 days remand from the anti-terrorism court. During the investigations, police had not found any evidence against Sami ul Rehman and released him finally.

It is to be noted that Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman was killed on 29th of April in Federal B. Area, when he was going to the Karachi University. Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman was very cooperative teacher of university and very popular amongst the students for his kindness.