Neha Bolach married to Noor KhanLahore: Pakistani drama promoter and producer Noor Khan has done secretly marriage with actress Neha Baloch as producer Noor has ensured her secret wife Neha Baloch for giving her new car and house as marriage gift. According to the details, actress Neha Khan married to producer Noor khan due to immense under pressure of Noor khan as she has taken worth millions rupees from him so far.

As per the latest reports, producer Noor Khan started to give threats of dire consequences to Neha Baloch in case of not getting married to him, after which stage actress Neha Khan decided to get marry him in a secret manner. Now actress Neha Khan will soon move to Europe including his brother, sources revealed. Stage actress Neha Khan was the first female from her family who joined the field of Showbiz as her whole family was very opposed to her after this decision.

Stage actress Neha Khan is one of the successful stage performers who is known for her great acting skills. Having a keen interest in performing on the big screen, actress did not leave stage for films as she believes that stage is her first priority. Actress also told in an interview that she wants to earn fame and respect through her hard work as she has struggled for her profession very hardly.