AlamgirKarachi: Famous pop star of Pakistan Alamgir is all set to go through kidney transplantation which will be done on Tuesday in the United States as tissues has been matched for his kidney transplant. It is pertinent to mention here that singer Alamgir has been suffering from kidney disease since 8th October 2004 as he was on dialysis from the past few years.

Famous pop singer also said in this regard that I would like to thank God for such as blessing and I want to thank all the fans for their prayers. He has also visited Pakistan twice for his kidney treatment but he did not received any response which he wanted as he was suffering from financial crisis too due to his disease that’ why he returned to America after 6 month stay in Pakistan. [alert style=”white”] It is also important to remark here that fund raising groups have been organized to collect donations for Alamgir by some of his fans as he was also invited to Pakistan for fund raising shows of his kidney transplant.[/alert]However, no show was organized in this regard and Alamgir had to gone back disappointedly. The legendry singer Alamgir was in bad health condition but he did not leave music as he still used to practicing his singing as well as he also continued writing new songs.