PFUJ According to International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), they were extremely distressed by the loss of a Pakistani media worker and have asked for instant action against the television station that did not give his salary for four months.

A Non-Linear Editor (NLE) Imran Ahmad Khan, committed suicide on Thursday. Imran gave a recorded message to make Royal TV management guilty for his death. According to sources, he was going through a stroke before this year and was into the hospital. He was fired from the employment when he asked for his pending salary.

The PFUJ said that there were few media organizations in Pakistan who have not been giving salaries to their staff in time in spite of getting profits. They reminded the Information Ministry time to time again to handle the matter. The PFUJ asked that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PERMA) would investigate the matter and take serious action against Royal TV and other media organization not giving salaries to their staff.

The PFUJ make a note of that they protested against the Royal TV before few months on the matter of non-payment of salaries. The PFUJ held nationwide protests on Monday to ask for immediate action and file a case against the organization. The IFJ advised the Pakistan government to make sure that no media workers are rejected their salaries and human rights and legislate against such happening incident in the future.