ARY News- Mubashir LucmanPakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has been receiving large number of complaints against one of the leading channel of Pakistan ARY News and famous host of ARY Mubashir Lucman. People are blaming that ARY News and Mubashir Lucman are spreading provocation and hatred against the government by broadcasting false and fake news against the government in order to provoke Pakistani people.

Lots are complaints are claiming that Mubashir Lucman used to say against judiciary in his program all the time as well as mostly his statements appears as anti-state due to which people are getting misled by watching his program. People are demanding to PEMRA to ban ARY News and Mubashir Lucman as ARY News is doing propaganda against government by creating provoking news against the government and trying hard to brain wash of Pakistanis. People are terming ARY NEWS and Mubashir Lucman as an enemy of Pakistan who are creating tension in the country in this hard political situation of the Pakistan as well as there are involve in disgracing major institutions of Pakistan so ban this channel and its host.

It is worth to mention that ARY Chief Executive Salman Iqbal, Anchorperson Mubashir Luqman, Acting Chairperson of (PEMRA) have received legal notice from Islamabad High Court for airing a show against judiciary.