Sami IbrahimPakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has received dozens of complaints against renowned journalist Sami Ibrahim and ARY News, in the month of October 2015. According to the reports, Sami Ibrahim had badly abused PM Nawaz Sharif last month on the event of local elections in Punjab. People have showed their serious concerns on this issue and asked PEMRA to take actions against both the journalist and channel. Some complainants also asked to ban ARY News for broadcasting this type of abused language for PM of Pakistan. Complainants asked PEMRA to take serious actions against the journalists and the channels abusing state officials.

According to the statistics shown on the official website of PEMRA, the authority has received 52 complaints against ARY News regarding Sami Ibrahim. While 11 complaints have been registered against ARY Digital and most of the complaints are regarding inappropriate scenes and vulgarity. Most of the complaints registered on the website of PEMRA are against ARY Network.

PEMRA Complaints
PEMRA Complaint stats – (October 2015)

People have said in these complaints that journalists and the channels should remain impartial and not show their personal belongings and disputes while doing analysis. They should criticize the government using decent language but not in a manner that would make official positions of state controversial.