Pemra LogoPakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has instructed all satellite channels to install time delay system so that objectionable and inappropriate material can be censored. Some TV Channels are telecasting live shows and live calls that contain unjustified propaganda and induct people towards violence. Three TV Channels have been issued separate notices for airing displeasing and offensive material telecasted and interviews of Altaf Hussain for threatening Defense Forces.

PEMRA also added that STV licensees are not installing time delay in their live shows that is mandatory under Clause 3.9 of the terms and conditions of STV licenses. If the terms and conditions will not be followed then serious action will be taken against them. The channels which disobey the laws will be sentenced for three years, fine of Rs 10 million and cancellation of license.

The new rules also make it obligation upon channels not to telecast shows that contain anti-state content or threaten the solidarity of nation. Private TV Channels were enjoying all freedom and crossing all limits of responsible journalism because of lenient eye of authorities on them. TV Channels have entered into unethical race of rating for which judiciary is brutally damned. Media has to be responsible for the content on-aired.