Geo TV Channel emerged as one of the high rated channel and soon enjoyed hegemony over the TV screens with its vast fast pace news items, sensational items. The channel attracted the viewer’s attention with in less time. However, it could not manage to fix hook to the audience.

Several reasons fall for the set back that the channel faces. The content of the TV channel is primarily the reason for the distraction. Viewers have often complained against the transmission of the TV shows that mimic the known figures of country. Though often taken as part of entertainment, sometimes the content surpasses the limitations.

The privately owned channel, backed by the Jang group is seen to promote Indian media industry. Being a national channel it is expected more to promote local happenings, but it looks less inclined to do so?

Often death news is aired with background music. Defaming news items, slanders are common practice of the channel, greatly disliked by the viewers. Instead of hiding the country’s weakness, incidents and that committed by our players or other figures, they are given hype to increase the ratings.

[junkie-alert style=”white”] Often in the news items and the bulletins unneeded coverage of the Bollywood happenings and that of the figures are no good to see. [/junkie-alert]

Biasness would be more appropriate word to describe their journalism practice!