Morning shows like “Jago Pakistan”, “Good Morning Pakistan” “Muskurati Morning” etc is the most watching programs hosted by different hosts like  Shaista Wahidi, Nida Yasir, Sanam Jung, Juggan Kazim and Faisal Qureshi etc. People love to watch these shows as soon as they get up.

Most of the girls and house wives are very inspire from these morning shows host and try to wear those stuff which are worn by them, whether they can afford or not. Most of the people have become extravagant because they try to copy them and purchase expensive stuff.

Sometimes they call so many cooks in their program and make them cook so many expensive dishes which are also bad for the people. Women try to cook those dishes at home which are cooked in morning shows.

nida yasirWomen make their budget out by cooking these expensive dishes at home. Expensive decoration of wedding is also shown in morning a show which is also copied by their fans is also making their budget out.

Morning Shows mostly show the wedding program which is not the concept of morning shows. Host call different guests in their program and take their interview which is the right concept of morning show. They should not show fake wedding in their programs as well.

About Author: Sarah Imtiaz is studying of social studies and also loves to write & read social issues.