Mehboob AfridiPakistani journalist Mehboob Shah Afridi is also killed in suicide attack on Tuesday morning. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, Mehboob Shah Afridi is also among the 11 martyrs of suicide attack on check post in Karkhano Market, adjacent to Jamrud in Khyber Agency. In this suicide attack, more than 20 people have been injured while among the martyrs of this attack, 7 civilians and 4 policeman are included. Mehboob Shah Afridi belongs to Bara, Khyber Agency and he had been associated with the journalism for around 12 years.

According to the reports of Pakistani media, Mehboob Shah was actually going to his office on Tuesday morning but he had met his old friend Nawab Shah doing his duty on the check post. Mehboob came along with his friend and started conversation with him. During this meeting, a suicide bomber came and blew himself just few yards away from the check post, due to which both the Nawab and Mehboob died on the spot.

Mehboob Shah was associated with Neo TV, while he was also working as a reporter of a newspaper. He was also President of Tribal Union of Journalists Khyber Agency. Mehboob was known for his struggle, for the rights of people in tribal area. He has left a widow and 4 children behind.