Sara Raza KhanSara Raza Khan is a Pakistani singer; in 2009 she started her singing career from an Indian show “SA RE GA MA PA” challenge. She sang beautiful songs for India and Pakistan both. She took part in singing shows of India and Pakistan. Sara was the best singer of Pakistani singing program “Bright Star”.

Sara Raza was the participant of Pakistani and Indian show “Sur Kshetra” but she had to leave the program, due to some personal problems. She sang a beautiful song for the drama “Mere Qatil Mere Dildar” and won Hum Award for the best singer. Singer learnt singing from Abdul Rauf and classical singing for Alhamra Art Council.

Sara had to leave “Sur Kshetra” because of personal problems but she did not tell the reason, while leaving the show. Atif Aslam the captain of this show eliminated her from the show by saying that she got health problems. But Sara told the actual reason of leaving the show in her status on face book.

Sara is quite young and brilliant singer of Pakistan and got a lovely voice. She is the best play back singer of Pakistani drama industry and sang beautiful songs for the dramas. She sang several songs for dramas as a play back singer.