Zara-Peerzada-khaadiZara Peerzada is a popular fashion model of Pakistani showbiz industry. She was born on 23rd June, 1992, in Lahore and her family (Peerzada) is considered an important part of Pakistani showbiz industry. Popular actor of Pakistani television industry Salman Peerzada is father of Zara Peerzada.

Zara Peerzada had started her showbiz career in 2010, appeared as a model in local brands of the country. Soon after starting her career, she got fame with her beautiful looks and unique style of presenting different types of clothing. Zara Peerzada is widely known for her luscious long hair, beautifully arched eyebrows and perfect sense of style.

23 year old Zara Peerzada had appeared in several local and multinational brands including Khaadi, Vaneeza Lawn, Luscious Cosmetics and Silk, with famous TV and film actor Fawad Khan. With her brilliant work in the industry, Zara Peerzada had been able to get her pictures printed on the covers of several weekly and monthly popular magazines of the country. Despite of her showbiz background, Zara Peerzada has proved herself as one of the most talented and attractive models of the industry.

Zara Peerzada is currently studying journalism and has an ambition to enter in the field of journalism, after getting degree. She is also socially active and took part in several social works to develop the society.