Reema AbbasiNew Delhi: The Pakistani female journalist Reema Abbasi who is also an author of ‘Historic Temples in Pakistan in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience’ received Rajiv Gandhi Award as she has been nominated in the category of best literary personality of the year at the 5th Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Awards. According to the details, the event was organized by an NGO named as Pehchaan which was attended by a large number of people.

The NGO Pehchaan which runs by the noticeable media professionals, activists and policymakers considered the book ‘Historic Temples in Pakistan in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience’ as a treasured record of shared history. [alert style=”white”]In this regard, Reema Abbasi said that “It took place as a revolutionary project by searching on all classes of region as our aim was about to be done to make a difference to how the two countries see each other.”[/alert] A book Historic Temples in Pakistan is an effort to represent a history of a former Hindu of Islamic country including the activities of ethnic minorities, Ahmadis, Christians, Sikhs and Shia Muslims against Pakistan’s religious. Madiha Aijaz, the photographer captured the inspiring aspects of the book along Reema Abbasi through her photographs. Pakistani journalist Reema Abbasi covered Thar Desert, Indus River Valley, Karachi, Punjab and risky draughts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwan and Afghanistan’s border. Journalist was born in Karachi and known as renowned journalist, aspiring novelist, and an idealist.