rida aftabThe best name in cooking shows is none other than Rida Aftab. She is the best chef among the famous chef of Pakistan. Her program”Tarka” is quite famous in audience. She can cook difficult and time taking dishes in short time with easy way. She has got a lot of fans. Everybody likes to try her dishes at home.

Chef Rida also receives a phone calls of the viewers during her program and fulfill the demands of the viewers by cooking the food of their wishes. She is the best at cooking spicy food, her spicy foods are quite famous. Her way of decorating food is also liked by people. She also share the useful tips regarding cooking. There is no denying the fact that she is an accomplished cook.

Chef Rida also appeared as a judge in the cooking competition show. She attracted the women towards herself by cooking the delicious dishes. She won the hearts of the housewives. Housewives also try her dishes at home and get good feedback from their family. Rida is the master of cooking.