talash film posterTalash is Pakistan’s first commercial & feature film with a cause, highlighting the problem of malnutrition in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. It is directed by renowned director Zeeshan Khan starring three young and new faces in the film industry.

Talash is the first and the only Pakistani full length feature film which had the honor of getting special screening at United Nations Head Quarters in New York City.

The story of the movie revolves around three students Saleem, Tania, and Khurram (played by Noaman Sami, Fariya Hassan and Ahmad Zeb) who graduate and then found themselves at a medical camp in a remote village of rural Sindh to help the locals.

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What problems will they face in fulfilling their duty as doctors? Who are the merciless lords of these rural areas? And how they create obstacles in their fight to help the poor people is what makes this film different.

Severe Malnutrition, its impact on the growth of children in rural areas and the attitude of some people regarding medical help is the core issue of this film, which was shot in interior Sindh.

In an interview the director Zeekay revealed the reason for making a film about Malnutrition. He said that while working on an awareness campaign with the health departments of Sindh and Balochistan they realized the severe problem of Malnutrition.

Statistics such as every second child in Pakistan is malnourished and 63% have iron deficiency caught his attention after which they decided to take a step through film.

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Despite being a feature film the movie comes with full entertainment including action, adventure, romance and much more. Viewers will also get a new song based on popular Sindhi folk song ‘Ho Jamalo.

Other cast of the movies includes Mustafa Qureshi, Saleem Mairaj, and Adnan Shah Tipu. Cinematographer of the film is Ghayasuddin Siddiqui who worked passionately with director Zeeshan Khan.