Actress Sana NawazLahore: Famous actress Sana Nawaz is expecting and she is away from showbiz these days, due to pregnancy. Sana’s husband Fakhar Imam is very happy and their families are quite happy as well. Actress is going to give birth to her second baby. Actress and her husband wish that Allah would give them a baby girl. They said that they got a son by the grace of Allah and now they are praying for the baby girl.

Sana Nawaz was hosting a program of private channel and working in dramas but she had to quit her all showbiz activities for the time being. She will be joining showbiz after her delivery. This is indeed very good news for the actress and she should take care of her. She has taken a good decision to stop her work from showbiz.

Sana is a beautiful actress of Pakistan and worked in several Pakistani movies and dramas. She is also a good host and looks pretty in her all fields of acting, modeling and hosting. She started her film career from the movie of Syed Noor “Sangam” and got success from this movie.