Pakistani Actress ReshamLahore: Famous lollywood actress Resham wants India and Pakistan to make movie together. Actress has said that joint movie making between India and Pakistan can support the film industry of Pakistan, they should make movie together. This is the best way to create good relation between Pakistan and India, Pakistani Actress Resham added.

Many Pakistani Media celebrities believe that Our Pakistani film industry will get progress, If Pakistan and India make movie together. This is also good for our actors because when they work together, they will be learning something from each other. This is also good to make good relation between Pakistan and India. Pakistani film industry can earn good money as well. Pakistani cinemas will be crowded from audiences, if there is joint film making between India and Pakistan. Resham’s opinion is good and very useful for Pakistani film industry.

Resham is a Pakistani model, drama and film actress. She has done a lot of movies and dramas as well. There is no doubt that she is good at acting. Actress performed well in her first Pakistani movie “Jeeva” and got a lot of fame. “Jeeva” was the first best movie of Pakistani film industry released in 1995. Resham was born in October 2, 1968 (Age 45).