lailaPakistani film actress Laila is going to open an NGO to relief the women in the memory of her mother. She is looking for the place of this NGO these days. Courses of embroidery, stitching and dress designing will be taught to the women in this centre. According to the actress she missed her mother lot and she is doing this for her loving mother.

Actress Laila took a good decision; it will be very useful for the poor women who are looking for the jobs. Women will have to learn a lot from her NGO. Actress Laila is a Pakistani film actress she worked in few movies of Pakistan. But unfortunately she could not make her name in the field of film industry.

She is not considered to be the best actress but she is willing to work more in movies and trying to lose her weight for getting work in showbiz, she is neglected by the directors for her over weight. But she is considered to be the brave and daring girl of Pakistan. Daring actress Laila took an snake on her shoulder in a morning show and she is also working in the reality show of Waqar Zaka, where she is trying to show her talent to the viewers.