Lahore: Some Pakistani actress who also wants to make their name in singing could not get succeed as singer and their dream to become a singer could not fulfill unfortunately. Many actresses have tried to put their step in music profession in order to spread their wings in singing but did not get public reaction in this manner.

According to details, actress Erum Tahir, Amarah Mumtaz and Erum Hassan have tried singing with acting but they could not get succeed as singer. Other actress like Nirma, Zara Shaikh, Noor Bukhari, Meera, Veena Malik and Fiza Ali has also tried singing and even they had started to learn and study singing but cannot make their name in the field of singing. Actress Zara Shaikh recorded some few songs for audio album but the project did not completed. Similarly Noor, Meera and Nirma had expressed their wish of singing in their interviews but could not achieve their wish of singing.

Pakistani-ActressThe news about singing of actress and Model Fiza Ali was also come into the view but could not make her step in singing. Likewise, Veena Malik has also signed the singer Shaz Ali of film “Kyun Tumse Itna Pyar hai” for her audio album but unluckily she also could not fulfill her wish and project did not get completed as she had gone to India. Veena Malik has made two video songs as singer in India but her video songs did not get any response in this regard. Actress Mehwish Hayat,Bushra Ansari, Omer Ayesha have tried singing but couldn’t get good public response.