Operation 021Karachi: Pakistani film Operation 021 which was released on this Eid-Ul-Adha has received different responses from audiences while film has been removed from Capri Cinema of Karachi after the protest from fans against this film. But it is also to remember that film also received appreciation from the educated class of Pakistan.

Film Operation 021 has displayed in different cinemas and Cineplex at this Eid festivity and a large number of the people bought tickets for the movie but film has been removed in just half an hour from Capri Cinema and Rainbow Cinema of Karachi after public protest. The audiences of these cinemas started to throw bottles towards the movie screen and chanted noise during the film while some people stood in front of the movie screen in order to replace it.

Administrations of Capri and Rainbow cinemas have to replace Pakistani film Operation 021 with Indian latest film Bang Bang featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif by considering the situation after audiences’ protests. The viewers were claiming that most of the portion of film Operation 021 is full of English language due to which they are not able to understand. After public protests the administration of movie theaters says Pakistani film Operation 021 will no longer run. On the other hand, educated class appreciated the film in terms of Production and expressed their hopes to see these types of film in the future too.