Lahore: The leaked videos and obscene material on social media has become the cause of panic among artists. According to the details, during the past few months nude videos and other offensive content of Pakistani artists have been put on social media due to which many of the artists have been suffering from trouble.

The obscene material is present on social media regarding actress Meera, Veena Malik and Sofia Ahmed while many other well-known models and actor’s offensive content has been found on the social media. Actor Hassan Khan, Saba Qamar, Sajjal Ali, Afreen, Nida Chaudhry, Saima Khan and other artists who have been complaining that wrong people are using their Facebook account. These celebrities also claimed that vulgar images and fake videos are posted by wrong persons on social media which is totally reprehensible act.meera-veena

Many Pakistani celebrities have been criticized due to their vulgar images and videos as their image in the industry has also been affected in this manner. Negative reflection of their personality has also been captured by many people and awful comments have been passed over them. This time has become the alarming situation to all the Pakistani celebrities as day after day their new scandal has come across in the view which is making great trouble for them in all manners.