Nusrat Javed & Mushtaq MinhasIslamabad: A Famous television anchors and senior journalists Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas have left Aaj TV and hosted their last program Thursday. The Bolta Pakistan, a program that was pretty well-liked early on but at later stages appeared to have lost its values. Aaj TV is not taking care of its senior journalists. As Talat Hussain has also twitted his leaving from Aaj TV and now Javeed and Mushtaq Minhas left. Aaj TV is thinking seriously on this matter.

Nusrat Javeed and Mushtaq Minhas both announced live in their last program that they were leaving the channel and thanked their spectators, listeners and well-wishers for connecting with them. According to sources that both anchor persons would join BOL Network.

Two Senior Journalists Mushtaq Minhas & Nusrat Javed who were hosting together and discussing the political issues on their show Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV have confirmed the news of joining new media group Bol TV as pakistanmediaupdates have already reported. They are among those 16 celebrities who are going to join Bol Network. The Bol TV has recruiting many big media personalities who joined Bol network by leaving from leading channels of Pakistan.