A new drama serial “Numm” will be aired soon from Geo TV and Fawad Khan will be lead actor in the drama. Ahsan Talish is director of the drama and Salim Memon is Associate Producer of drama “Numm”. Maria Sajid has written the story of the drama.

The cast of the drama is Sania Saeed , Fawad Afzal Khan (Fawad Khan), Kanza Wayne and others. Fans of Fawad Khan are very anxiously waiting for drama of Fawad. His last drama was “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” on Hum TV which was a block buster. Producer of the drama is hopeful that this Fawad Khan’s Numm will be a block buster and will attract viewers towards Geo TV.

Two new drama serials “Khoya Khoya Chand” and “Mujhe Khuda Per Yakeen Hai” will also start from Hum TV soon. Khoya Khoya Chand first episode will air on 10th August. For more updates on Pakistan drama industry please like Facebook of Pakistan Media Updates.